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Whats in the Build


We specialise in converting panel vans into mini homes on wheels.


The builds are split into two main phases:


1) Base prep and build

2) Furniture installation

Base prep and build

Where it all starts!

We do the following:

  • Interior strip out and deep clean.

  • Rust treatment and care of body work.

  • Sound deadening.

  • Insulation using PIR board, foam and eco wool into the roof, floor and walls.

  • Vapour barrier.

  • Carpet the van walls where required.

  • Creation of a sub floor with insulation and wooden battons.

  • Professional instalation of rear seats.

  • Instalation of luxury hardwearing laminate wooden flooring.

  • Timber cladding.


The van is then ready for the next phase!

Furniture installation

The next bit and the phase that makes each build individual.


Variations can include the following installations:

  • Windows

  • Roof vents

  • Electrics including -12v leisure batteries with 240v inverters, split relays and battery chargers.

  • 240v hook up

  • Lighting and powerpoints

  • Compressor Fridge

  • Toilet

  • Heating

  • Solar panels

  • Professionally fitted and signed off LPG gas with locker.

  • Water systems

  • Swival seats

  • Roof racks

  • Bike racks

  • Awnings

And most importantly the bespoke carpentry, upholstry and interior design that makes each van individual to include:

  • Bed set ups

  • Kitchens

  • Tiling

  • Wardrobes, cupboards and cabinants

  • Dining/work tables

  • Curtains and blinds

  • Garage/storage area.

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