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What We Offer

Off the shelf

Put simply, buy a ready made van converstion from us. Based on our experience of building van a we like to think we know what works and what doesn't work in van. In between bespoke builds we will make vans very similar to 'Luna' that sleep 4 people comfortably in colour schemes decided by us.

These vans are ready to buy and drive off straight away and you won't need to wait 3 months for it to be built. It is the simpliest and quickest way of owning a van.


All our vans include compressor fridges, 12 and 240 volt electric with sign off, gas with sign off, solar panels, split charge replays, roof vents, side and back windows, toilets, swival fronts seats, rear seats and more!

In general and to give you an idea, these vans range from £20K to £30K depending on the age/condition/milage of the van.

To see what we have for sale or whats coming up click here.


We understand that what works for some people doesn't work for others. A big appeal of converting/owning a van is that it's individual to you. We understand it's a personal thing and we can work with you on the design to create something that fits you.


From the number of windows to the colour and design of the curtains we can help you make your dream van a reality. We work with you to go through everything you want from the build and can give ideas of what works well and what doesn't taking into consideration your life style and situation.

With 'Custom' builds you the customer will provide the van however we can help source the right van as from previous experience it can be a daughting experience sourcing and buying the right van and we want to make owning a van an enjoyable and excting experience.


As a preferance we would prefer to convert Peugeot Boxers, Citron Relays or Fiat Duactos as we feel these are the best shape for the designs we do.

Roughly 'Custom' van conversion start at £10K.

If your interested drop us a message and we can start planning your van conversion!

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