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The Team

Clifton Campers are Andy and Annie, parents of Robin and Lily and owner of Luna our first van conversion. We've enjoyed family camping hoildays since our youth but these days prefer a few more luxurys owning a mini home on wheels gives you to create special memories with our own family.

Holidays in a van for us gives us the comfort of home but the freedom of the road and the adventure of seeing new places, meeting new people, doing things as a family and having a simplier, happier time together. Coming back to a tiny home on wheels after a day at the beach surfing, building sandcastles or trekking in the great outdoors feels amazing!

Having a tiny home on wheels also gives you the freedom to quickly jump in the van for an imprompt weekend, meaning we go away more often as well as having a more comfortable and relaxing time away.

Clifton Campers was set up after the enjoyment and fulfilment converting our first van Luna gave us. We are now excited to use our knowledge and expertise to create the perfect mini home on wheels for your adventures.

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